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Adjusting to Home: Coping with Reverse Culture Shock

Adjusting to Home: Coping with Reverse Culture Shock
Adjusting to Home: Coping with Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock can be a real struggle for individuals who have been living abroad for an extended period of time. It’s a feeling of disorientation and confusion that can occur when returning to one’s home country after becoming acclimated to a different culture. Here are some tips for coping with reverse culture shock and adjusting to life back home.

1. Be prepared for the culture shock

Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for reverse culture shock. Before returning home, research the changes that have taken place in your home country, watch some movies or TV shows set in your country in recent years or read some news about current events, etc. This can help you prepare emotionally and mentally for the differences you may encounter.

2. Stay in touch with your overseas friends and family

Maintaining contact with the friends and family you left behind can be vital in maintaining sanity after returning home. Communicating with them can help you feel less isolated and allow you to recall fond memories from your time abroad.

3. Get involved in social activities

Getting involved in social activities can make it easier to adjust to being home. Sign up for a class, join a club, volunteer, or simply meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Engage in activities that you enjoy – this will make you feel more connected and ease the transition.

4. Reflect on and appreciate your experiences

Reflecting on your experiences abroad can be a great way to move on and adjust to life back home. Create a travel journal or scrapbook, revisit old photos, or write a blog about your experiences. This will help you relive the joy of your overseas adventures.

5. Give yourself time

Finally, be patient with yourself. Adjusting to life back home will take time. You may find that your attitudes and behaviors have changed, and it may take time to find your place in your home country again. Give yourself the time and space you need to adjust and find your bearings.


Moving home after living abroad can be just as challenging as leaving your home to live in a foreign country. Reverse culture shock is a real phenomenon that can be difficult to endure, but the right coping mechanisms can make all the difference. Remember to stay in touch with friends and family, get involved in social activities, reflect on your experiences, and give yourself time to adjust. With patience and a positive attitude, you can successfully make the transition back to your home country.
the culture shock is the period of adjustment when someone moves back to his country
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