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Conquering Culture Shock: Tips for Surviving the Return Home

Conquering Culture Shock: Tips for Surviving the Return Home

Conquering Culture Shock: Tips for Surviving the Return Home

After spending a significant amount of time abroad, it can be difficult to readjust to life at home. Coming back may feel like a letdown, even depressing, as you try to make sense of your experiences and integrate them into your everyday reality. This is what is known as “reverse culture shock,” and it can be just as challenging as the initial culture shock you experienced when leaving home.

Recognize your emotions

The first step to conquering culture shock is to recognize and accept your emotions. It’s normal to feel frustrated, homesick, or disillusioned when returning home. Don’t try to suppress these feelings, but rather acknowledge them and give yourself time to adjust.

Keep in touch with your foreign circle

Staying connected with your foreign circle can help ease you back into your home culture. Schedule regular video chats, send postcards, and share pictures with your international friends. This will help you feel less isolated and more connected to the experience you had abroad.

Find a new hobby or continue practicing one developed abroad

If you developed a new hobby abroad, such as playing an instrument, practicing yoga or learning a new language, continue practicing it when you return home. This will help you maintain a connection to the culture you left behind and give you a sense of accomplishment and continuity.

Immerse yourself back in your familiar surroundings

While it’s essential to maintain ties to your foreign experience, don’t forget to re-immerse yourself in local culture. Take a walk around your hometown park, go to a familiar restaurant, visit with old friends, or attend a local event. This can help ease you back into your home culture while celebrating the things you love about your home country.

Share your experiences with others

Talking about your experiences abroad can help you process your feelings and give others insights into different cultures. Share your stories, photos, and experiences with friends and family, creating a cultural exchange of knowledge and ideas.


Conquering culture shock is not easy, but it is possible. By recognizing your emotions, staying connected with your foreign community, focusing on new hobbies or maintaining ones developed abroad, immersing yourself back into your familiar surroundings, and sharing your experiences with others, you can overcome the challenges of reverse culture shock and continue to grow and learn from your experiences abroad.

the culture shock is the period of adjustment when someone moves back to his country
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