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From Global Citizen to Local Native: Overcoming Reverse Culture Shock

From Global Citizen to Local Native: Overcoming Reverse Culture Shock

From Global Citizen to Local Native: Overcoming Reverse Culture Shock


As the world becomes more interconnected and international travel becomes accessible, more and more people are becoming global citizens. Whether it’s through studying abroad, working overseas, or backpacking through different countries, these experiences can change a person’s outlook on life and shape their identity. However, what happens when global citizens return to their home country and find that they don’t quite fit in? This is where reverse culture shock comes in.

What is Reverse Culture Shock?

Reverse culture shock is the feeling of disorientation, anxiety, and frustration that can occur when a person returns to their home country after living abroad for an extended period of time. This can be caused by the differences in culture, customs, and values between the two countries. Whereas global citizens may have adapted and embraced the new culture they were living in, they may find it difficult to readjust to their old way of life now that they have returned home.

Overcoming Reverse Culture Shock

1. Plan Ahead: Before returning home, take some time to research and prepare for the transition. This can include talking to friends and family at home, getting in touch with old contacts or acquaintances, and finding out what has changed in your absence.

2. Stay Connected: One of the best ways to overcome reverse culture shock is to stay connected with the people and culture that you have left behind. This can involve joining expat groups, attending cultural events, or simply keeping in touch with the friends you made while abroad.

3. Embrace the Differences: Instead of focusing on the things that have changed, try to embrace the differences between your old and new way of life. This can include enjoying new foods, trying new activities, and exploring new parts of your hometown.

4. Give Yourself Time: It can take time to fully adjust to being back home, so don’t expect to feel completely settled right away. Give yourself time to process your experiences and readjust to your old way of life.


Reverse culture shock can be a difficult and disorienting experience for global citizens returning home, but it is not insurmountable. With some planning, patience, and a willingness to embrace the differences between cultures, it is possible to overcome the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty and adjust to being a local native once again.
the culture shock is the period of adjustment when someone moves back to his country
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