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The Impact of Culture on Human Development, Lifestyle and Beliefs.

The Impact of Culture on Human Development, Lifestyle and Beliefs.

The Impact of Culture on Human Development, Lifestyle and Beliefs


Culture is an integral part of human life. It encompasses various aspects including art, beliefs, traditions, customs, language, and values that form the foundation of a people’s lifestyle. Culture is essential in shaping who we are and the way we perceive the world. Our cultural background plays a critical role in influencing our developmental milestones, lifestyle choices, and belief systems.

Human Development

The culture in which an individual is born and raised hugely influences their developmental milestones. Culture shapes the way people interact with their surroundings, and this interaction determines how they grow and develop. For example, children raised in collectivist societies, where the needs of the group are prioritized over the individual’s needs, tend to have different developmental paths than those raised in societies that prioritize individualism. Such children’s social and emotional development may progress differently because of the different values instilled by the culture in which they live.


Culture is one of the most important determinants of an individual’s lifestyle. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the type of leisure activities we engage in, and the way we spend our free time are all influenced by our cultural background. For instance, in some cultures, a vegetarian diet is preferred, while in others, meat is the staple food. Such cultural differences also determine whether people engage in sports, dance, or attend religious ceremonies.


The belief system of every individual is heavily influenced by the culture they grow up in. Culture shapes an individual’s perception of spirituality, morality, and values. For instance, some cultures emphasize spiritual practices and religious beliefs, while others prioritize secularism. These differences in beliefs and values have far-reaching impacts on the way people view the world, interact with others, and make decisions.


Our cultural background is an essential aspect of our being, and it significantly impacts our development, lifestyle, and beliefs. It shapes the way we see the world, relate to others, and make sense of our experiences. It is therefore crucial to recognize the importance of cultural diversity and work towards celebrating it. By embracing cultural diversity, we can build a more inclusive and tolerant society that respects and appreciates the differences that make us unique.
the culture
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