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The Importance of Seeking Support during Reverse Culture Shock

The Importance of Seeking Support during Reverse Culture Shock

The Importance of Seeking Support during Reverse Culture Shock


Reverse culture shock, also known as re-entry shock, is a challenging experience that can occur when individuals return to their home country after living abroad for an extended period of time. This type of shock can impact individuals mentally, emotionally, and physically. Therefore, it is essential to seek some support to tackle this phenomenon.

The Impact of Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock can have a significant impact on individuals. It can make you feel disoriented, dislocated, and overwhelmed. You might experience alienation from your home country and find yourself struggling to fit back in. Additionally, you may feel a sense of sadness, depression, or loneliness. Some people might even experience physical ailments such as fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues.

The Importance of Seeking Support

It is crucial to seek support when experiencing reverse culture shock. Support can come in many forms from different sources. You might seek professional help, like therapy or counseling, as an option. You can also talk to friends, family or acquaintances who might have gone through similar experiences.

It is recommended to look for social support from people who can understand your situation better. Individuals who have lived abroad or have themself experienced reverse culture shock might be able to understand the challenges and difficulties that come with re-entry back into your home country. These people might offer valuable insights and advice that could benefit you.

Other Ways to Get Support

Besides the sources mentioned earlier, there are plenty of other ways to get support when going through reverse culture shock.

Joining clubs or groups that share common interests can help you meet new people and feel a sense of belonging. Volunteering or becoming part of different organizations that spark interest in you can also be beneficial in making a new social circle.

Moreover, you can also take up new hobbies or interests that can help you find your feet in your home country. Exercising, taking dance classes or learning a new language, among other activities, can help you feel more grounded and engaged.


Reverse culture shock is a daunting experience for anyone who has experienced living abroad. But, seeking support from others can help with the process of re-adjustment. There are a variety of ways to get support from friends, family, acquaintances, professionals or through joining different groups or volunteering. Remember, it’s essential to stay positive and be kind to yourself when going through reverse culture shock. Eventually, it passes, and you will start feeling more like yourself again.
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